Polar FT7: Another Great Polar Heart Rate Monitor

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Published: 31st August 2012
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Endurance and sports activities have brought with them the increased popularity in the use of Polar heart rate monitors. As more and more people engage in these activities, this product become a necessary addition and enhancement to their performance.
Walking, running, cycling, swimming, strength training and other similar activities have profited from the usage of the Polar products. People who engage in these exercises have found out the importance of constantly monitoring their heart while performing these activities. Accurately measuring their heart rate or cardiac rate during these intense workouts will greatly help in determining their optimum recovery period.
Recovery periods differ from one person to another. This is because our bodies work and are designed distinctly and differently. Obviously, someone who has been strength-training for 5 years will have a significantly lower heart rate than a person who picks up a dumbbell for the first time. Regular and continual workout will immensely improve a person’s cardio-respiratory endurance; so you may have a high heart rate today, but will eventually have that lowered as you steadily work out and train.
How to Use the Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Several models of the Polar heart rate monitor have come out of the market at this time, but all of them work along the same operating principles. The entire line has a basic feature and setup, so instructions to use them are streamlined and easy to follow.

Whether you have the basic monitor or the advanced ones, it doesn’t really matter. Operating functions are basically the same. If you just bought the device, you can follow these steps to ensure proper use of the device.

• Step 1: Securely fasten the strap to the transmitter module. After doing this, wet the tips of the electrodes, or contact points, of the heart rate monitor with water. It is very important to wet the tips. Not moistening the electrodes may result in the device not working properly.
• Step 2: After wetting the tips of the electrodes, attach the heart rate monitor. Make sure the device’s logo is facing you.
• Step 3: Polar heart rate monitor straps have different sizes. Regular straps may stretch up to 6 inches in length. On the other hand, chest straps may reach 32 inches in length. There are even longer straps that can reach a length of 54 inches. People who weigh up to 240 pounds use these longer straps.

Polar FT7 Review

Polar has come up with a great line of heart rate monitors. One model is the Polar FT7. This particular model is very popular because it has many features and does a multitude of tasks for its wearer. The FT7 can provide you visual heart rate displays and messages whether you are in your fat-burning zone or you’re in your aerobic zone. It does that with both visual and audible alerts.

A Polar FT7 review says, “One of the really cool Polar features we love is the Heart Touch button-free operation. To change screens when you are outside with gloves on, or if you have both hands gripping the rails of a Tread Climber, just move the watch close to the chest transmitter and presto, the screen changes.”

Another Polar FT7 review praises the product because “The FT7 can also be used in a swimming pool to get heart rate because Polar uses a 5 mHZ transmission signal, while nearly all other heart rate monitors use 2.4 kHZ transmission, making Polar the only choice for swimmers.”

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